• RE/MAX 24 mornin run



    FREE, timed, 5 km weekly on Saturday mornings in Grand Baie La Croisette, Mauritius
    It is good for your health

    Regular physical activity can improve wellbeing and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and strokes.

    Everyone can do it

    The very nature of the event makes it lovely family activity for a Saturday morning. You can push little ones in the buggy or if they are able they can run or walk with you.

    You can volunteer first!

    It will give you a good opportunity to check out how everything works, get a feel for the route and the event and encourage others who are running. You may even pick up some tips.

    Getting started...

    If you are a new, and have not previously registered

    Please go the Register page, read the instructions carefully and register yourself

    Already registered? - what's next...

    If you want to change your details, do not re-register. Instead, contact us via the contact form or call us

    Collect your wristband !

    We encourage participants to collect wristbands from the RE/MAX 24 Grand Baie office during the week, or collect it 15 minutes before the start.

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